به پایگاه اطلاع رسانی باشگاه نفت و نیرو خوش آمدید.

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Fields of activity

Main fields of activity

- Research, analyze and review general policies, functions and structures existing in the petroleum and energy industries inside and outside the country in order to provide developmental recommendations to the concerned authorities concerning domestic and international issues, engagement and influencing on developmental decision making processes throughout the country and region in the field of activity of the club

- Conducting strategic and specialty studies in order to theorize, to educate ideas, to specify strategies, to criticize processes and procedures and to establish a thinking room

- To formulate and execute joint programs with the industrial sector and university in order to transfer the experiences of managers to universities and to make a constructive bridge to promote both sectors

- To establish educational centers in order to increase qualification in managerial fields, to promote specialty level of concerned staff

- To publish specialty journals in different fields including technology, economy and management and to codify books and specialty standards in the defined activities of club

- To hold national and international specialty and professional conferences and exhibitions in order to update and to transfer knowledge and technology

- To hold intimate meetings in order to improve the relations between club members

- To offer economic and managerial consultation services to other public and private institutions considering the capability and specialty of club members

- To validate and to grant award of excellence in the fields of oil, gas, refining, electricity and energy

- Data mining and establishment of reference databases from managerial and specialty knowledge in the field of club workgroups

- To offer welfare services in different sectors to club members